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VIP Members

Before your arrival

  • Personalized research for your St Barth family vacation and for your children;
  • Research and provide qualified babysitters and Nanny / personal assistant;
  • Pre-planning of personalized services: creation of a schedule including hands-on activities, sports, games…
  • Purchasing and delivery of your shopping list before your arrival (games, creative art kits, baby things, groceries…); *
  • Personalized decoration of the playroom and children’s’ bedrooms.

During your vacation

  • Kids’ welcome and information packet upon your arrival in St Barth;
  • Games and toys rental for the duration of your stay;Telephone assistance up to three times per day, 24/7, during your stay;
  • Picnic Delivery Service, snacks, and restocking according to your needs; *
  • Provide a nanny, personal assistant, or chaperon based on the option selected; **
  • Some activities and workshops will be included during your stay; **
  • You will have 10% of discount on all our Workshops and Experiences rates.

After your vacation

  • Possibility to leave your children’s toys with us and to reserve your nanny of choice from one vacation to the next;
  • Access to vacation photos of your children;
  • 5% discount on the Membership fee for your next stay (except peak season).

Our 7-Day Options

Aquatics program

Swimming, snorkeling, sailing, surf, stand-up padle, kayak, beach…

Sports program

Tennis, Dance or Football, Horseriding, Hicking, Beach…

Island-discovery program

Hicking, discover the underwater fauna, beach, hike…

Arts & Crafts program

Painting, Visit of the Museum, hike, beach, ceramic painting…

Beauty & Wellbeing program

Yoga, manicure, pedicure, beach, hike…

Multi-activity program

Beach, Sailing, cooking and pastry, hike, tennis or yoga…

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VIP Kids Concierge offers you a variety of activities that guarantee your kids will share unforgettable moments with the entire family, with their nanny, or accompanied by a chaperon.

Information and our directory will be coming soon. Feel free to contact us and we will contact you upon further development of our member zone.



* Shopping and food cost at your charge.

** Personal Assistant on site will be charged hourly according to the corresponding rate.

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